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5 Affordable Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day

It’s that time of year again when we honor one of the most important people in our life, Mom. Mother’s Day is fast approaching. This is a great time to show our mothers that we care. After all, they have always been there for us. Isn’t it time that we return the favor in our own small way?

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That being said, showing your appreciation for Mom doesn’t have to be too costly. You don’t need to spend a fortune on Mother’s Day to show you care. Moms everywhere understand the need to be thrifty and by no means does having a budget on Mother’s Day mean that you care less. You can have a great time with Mom on this special day and it can still be affordable. Here are 5 Affordable Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day.

Get Her A Journal

Moms and ladies in general, just love to express themselves. Women love ways to tell their stories, their special moments, and generally anything that lets them unburden what they feel. Keeping that in mind, why not get Mom a journal or personalized diary this Mother’s Day? A journal is a great way for Mom to list down everything that she feels, her highs and her lows, and everything in between. Plus journals are a great change of pace from all the smartphones, laptops and technology of today. They’re a great affordable way for Mom to express herself. Let mom just put her feelings to pen and paper and she will greatly appreciate you for that. The Five Minute Journal and other similar journals are highly recommended.

If Mom wants to really hone her writing skills, she can check out Donna Freedman at She has made her living as a writer for more than 30 years so she knows what she’s saying.

Prepare Mom A Great Home Cooked Meal

If you’re too busy with a lot of things in your life, but you still want to show Mom you care, cooking a home meal is great and affordable way to celebrate Mother’s Day. You will find everything you need at your kitchen ready at your disposal. It’s not only affordable, it can even be personalized. Kelly Whalen who created the agrees with this and highly recommends this way to show that you care for your Mom.

Focus On A Wonderful Dessert

While you’re at it with the meal, prepare a great dessert for mom. Creating a sweet and yummy dessert is one of the best and affordable ways to celebrate Mother’s Day. Preparing a great dessert is the best way to top a great meal for Mom. It’s a sweet way to show the sweetest person in your life that you care.

Give Mom A Makeover

For Mom and most girls a makeover is at the top of their priority list. It’s just unfortunate that they may sometimes just not have the time and inclination to do it. With their full-time schedules taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, and sometimes even holding a job, a makeover usually quickly slides down and is buried under everything that has to be done first. Giving Mom a makeover will not only make her feel special, you will give her a chance to do something she could have been putting off for quite some time. Mom will really appreciate the thought.

It doesn’t even have to be costly. Many establishments will accept doing it for free as long as you set an appointment and make a purchase after. It can really be an affordable way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Splurge On Groceries

The heading may make you turn tail and run. The whole article has been about 5 Affordable Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day. So why suddenly recommend splurging? Believe it or not, there’s still a lot of room to save money here. Perhaps you haven’t been spending on that fancy cheese or beef recently. Maybe you’ve been putting off spending on that great sauce. Well now is the best time to let go and spend on the grocery. After all, it’s for Mom. And remember, it’s the grocery. Adding it up, the price will surely still be cheaper than at a fancy restaurant. And Mom will surely appreciate the time and effort you would put into it.

One-way or some other, we all can get fooled into thinking that we have to spend in order to show how we care for Mom. This is only natural because we care so much for Mom and want to make her feel welcome and loved. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

These are just a few of the many affordable ways to celebrate Mother’s Day. There are many more out there and Mom will surely appreciate the thought and love that comes into them. And they don’t need to be expensive.