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Great Low Cost and Free Christmas Gift Ideas

It can be a very expensive proposition buying gifts for family and friends to give to them on Christmas day. Instead of just buying something off the shelf why not put a little more thought into a Christmas gift that is a little more meaningful. When you go to the time and effort to make something for someone it can become a greatly appreciated treasure.

Free Christmas Gift Ideas

Instead of using your credit card here are some low cost or free Christmas gift ideas that you can use or take as inspiration to make this Christmas a lot more about creating something and less about spending money. There are different ideas that might appeal to you more or less and you can try a few different ideas so that you can customize each person’s gift with a personal touch.

Re-gifting and re-using for a free Christmas gift

We all have a few gifts that we have been given that while appreciated just haven’t been used and are just sitting in the cupboard. Christmas is a great time to take them out and re-gift them to someone that can use the items that you have. Some of the top re-gifting items are things such as:

  • Clothes
  • Music CD’s and DVD videos
  • Glassware
  • Collectables
  • Toys

It is important that the item is still in perfect condition and you might want to dress it up a bit with a bow and a handmade card to really make it more personal. Make sure that you never re-gift an item to the same person that gave it to you as this can be a little embarrassing.

Food is always a great gift and you might have a few things in the pantry that would make a great gift for one of your friends. A little wrapping paper and handmade Christmas card can have a gift they will appreciate from something you already have on hand.

Old board games are something that can bring back memories and many yard sales and thrift stores have items from many years ago that are still in good condition. This can be anything from chess and checkers sets, monopoly or the hundreds of popular board games. Give everything a clean and repair the box if it has any damage and you have a low cost gift that will make someone’s day.

Crafty gift ideas

If you are a crafty person then making your own gifts to give people can be a perfect low cost or free Christmas gift idea. There are many things that you can make that will be appreciated by the recipient and can be made from items you already have or that you can buy cheaply.

  • Handmade Christmas cards
  • Custom bookmark
  • Hand written poems or verses
  • Handmade soaps
  • Scrapbook or photo album
  • Music CD with special songs

These are all inexpensive gifts that you are making for the person so that they will appreciate the time and effort that you have gone to in producing it. You can make the items as complicated or as simple as your skill will allow.

A quirky idea that children really like is to turn an old hard cover book into a secret hideaway. You just need to cut the centers out of the pages and glue the hollowed out part together. You can add a few treats, some costume jewelry or other treasure in the hollowed out part for them to find.

Christmas food

A favorite low cost or free Christmas gift idea is food. There are literally a thousand things that you can make from ingredients you already have and present to people. Sweets are always popular and items such as cakes, chocolates and candy can be made and then boxed up as a tasty gift that everyone will enjoy.

You might have skill at making other items such as pies, bread or biscuits that will be appreciated. A few hours work and a little wrapping can make a very attractive gift and you can even make a few different things and give people selection.

If you are better at making items such as pickles, jams or chutneys then you can produce them well in advance and then give them out on the day. Your creativity will be enjoyed every time they use your item.

Christmas food gift tips:

  • Try to match peoples likes with items you will be giving
  • Use tried and tested recipes
  • Quality is better than quantity
  • Dress them up with a bow, some tinsel or wrapping paper

A great free Christmas gift idea is giving your time you can help someone to setup a party, help them prepare a meal or even be the bare tender for the night. You are giving your time and also helping the person have a more enjoyable time by giving them some time when they are not taking care of everyone.