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Understanding a Debt Management Program

Understanding a Debt Management Program

If you are unsure as to the meaning of a debt management program then it is a way to put all unsecured debts into one place and get financial advice too. It could mean that the stress that you were feeling about your money situation is now gone. It might save you money and interest payments too.

A debt management program is run by a credit counselling service and they will have given you advice as to the best course of action to get out of debt.

  • They look at your situation
  • They assess your needs
  • They put together a plan of action
  • They can talk to your creditors
  • They can reduce the money that you owe

It is a way to put all your debts into one basket and this can save you time and money. You will no longer need to remember to pay your creditors this will be taken care off. You will pay the debt management company and they will pay all your creditors.

How a Debt Management Program Works

It is an easy to manage system and you talk to the counsellor and they arrange the plan for you. It should mean lower monthly payments and you just transfer one payment per month and they sort out all the rest.

They are able to explore the issues that have arisen and the reasons why that you have got into debt. They will work out ways that in the future that these situations are controlled and the debt doesn’t escalate into the same proportions.

A debt management program isn’t going to be the best solution for everyone, everyone has different bills and expenses and these are treated in accordance with your situation. There are the fees that you will need to take into account; the company doesn’t work for free so you will be increasing your debt as well.


They should be there to help and guide you to a debt free life and this is the ultimate goal. This can be achieved in a number of ways including getting advice as to the best decisions for you in the future and how to avoid getting into a financial mess in the future.

They should be able to help you reduce the amount of money that you owe, they will be able to negotiate deals with the creditors and get interest rates reduced, late fees removed. They might be able to get the whole balance reduced so that you end up paying less than you ever thought possible.

A Debt Management Program: Pros

Some of the pros that you will benefit from will include the better deals that they might be able to get for you. They might be able to reduce the total amount of debt that you owe. It over time will have a positive effect on your credit rating. You will have access to some of the best financial services and this will be part of the package that you get. It will help you avoid falling back into the debt trap.

A Debt Management Program: Cons

Some of the disadvantages of using a debt management plan include the fact that they are going to charge you for the service and this will increase the amount of money that you owe. It is possible that you can do everything that the company does on your own. It won’t cost you any monthly payments and this will mean that you will pay off the debts that you owe even sooner than working with the company.

It is possible that in the beginning of working with the debt company it will have a negative effect on your credit report. Over time this will be repaired but there will be reference to the fact that you used a debt management program and this can have a negative impact on future credit applications.

You will only get access to the plan if you owe an amount of money, this is normally over the $10k mark and this means that if you have less debt than this you will be left to sort out the deb on your own. This can be difficult but it is not impossible. You will need to have determination so that you can succeed where in the past you might have failed.

It is possible that if you choose to sort out the problems on your own you might continue to make the same problems and never seem to get to the end. It might mean that you need some extra help to fully reach your goal and to teach you the tricks that you might need to avoid falling into the credit trap. Once you have found your way out, it won’t be a quick and easy process but it will be worth every minute that you spend working towards your goals of being financially free from the traps of those tempting unsecured loans.